Saturday, April 30, 2011


I waited in vain for an invitation to the wedding. I think it must be because I look ridiculous in a hat. There are certain people with oddly shaped heads who just look strange in them. Wills is one, His uniform, resplendent red, was offset by this huge cap which looked as if it was borrowed from a friend with a larger frontal lobe. Others had similar difficulties. Here we see Princess Beatrice, wearing antlers, or is it a langoustine, a young lady with a blue canoe on her head with her friend wearing a stork's nest. Mrs Parker-Bowles is either preparing for lift-off or reaching out for help and a spectacularly hatless Samantha Cameron, whose disregard for protocol was almost - but not quite - enough to make me want to vote for her husband's party next time.

I enjoyed that. I really must get in touch with my feminine side more often. (That's enough. Ed)


  1. A langoustine? It rather looks like an ornament from a tacky piece of furniture, had it been golden, it could have been mistaken for a piece stolen from Versailles "valerie des glaces"
    But no, it was beige like the dress which looked like a breaded basket since 99 /100 of the female guests were obsessed with "matching", wearing the same exact hue from hat to dress to silk died stilettos
    First rule in decoration : matching perfectly is BORING and the worst "faux pas"
    About miss Cameron : not only did she wear a non matching scarf and no hat but she showed arm FLESH

    Obviously Fergie (she was once called "toelicked" by the Sun, nicer than "piggiefergie" indeed)'s daughters fashion statement stressed the fact their mum was not invited when the bride and groom's exes were
    As for politics, the etiquette is not clear : did they invite conservative politicians as well as Labour Party ??

    Well, I am glad it's over, yesterday I received royal recipes on my mailbox, I am thrilled to know what Coronation Chicken is (curried chicken salad?)

    Rule Britannia

  2. I too was mortified by the Prime Minister's wife's appalling lack of decency. As a Conservative and Old Etonian, her husband should have dealt with her severely afterwards. Tony Blair (Labour) wasn't invited.
    I happen to be very fond of Coronation Chicken...

  3. Oh that hat! The center oval only needed a shiny silver mirror to be exactly what it looked like...a stray furniture detail gleaned from the architectural clearing house in some obscure and rundown part of London. Ugh.
    Samantha Cameron rocks the stuffy sartorial world, and Anon's opinion about matching shades from head to toe is so right. Borrrrrrrring.

    I would be quite happy, MathMan, to supply you with head gear with which to impress the locals. Bwahahahahaha. Just ask.

  4. As for poor Bea - she's a bit of a cruiserweight, borderline light-heavy, so anything which tips her centre of mass northwards is an advantage.
    I myself have two hats - a woman I know encourages me to wear them from time to time. For those with strong stomachs, I put on my straw Stetson after a shower last evening and wandered around in it 'au naturel'.

    Moving swiftly along....

  5. Not swiftly enough...


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