Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Origins and pathways

Where we come from is less important than where we are going.

I wonder, nevertheless, what the odds are....

From Steilacoom to Jerusalem

I wonder how often Susan has seen this sunset? Puget Sound as dusk falls, the snow geese calling as they return home.

What particular cosmic wrinkle caused this unique juxtaposition of lives?

Einstein famously remarked that 'God does not play dice'. In that case, he's very good at cards.

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  1. Oh Jerusalem, how I miss thee. My thoughts are always with you. Someday I will return!
    What a nice blog you have created dear John; I shall visit it often in my leasure. Happy B'Day, young lad. Please send my regards to Sue. Shalom.

    Tj Martinez, (Steves friend)


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