Saturday, January 07, 2006

The most wonderful woman in the world

Migdal, Galilee, summer 2005.

It took me all of twenty-four hours to fall in love with the most wonderful woman in the world.

(She's the one on the right, obviously.....)


  1. We have always thought of ourselves as independent. Independent in the sense that the fact that I drop my fork at dinner causes or is caused by 50 million others performing the same action of dropping their fork. The macro equivalent of the Bose-Einstein paradox, every little hominid doing exactly the same as all the others within a nanosecond of time. And yet, perhaps we are not so far from the truth. How curious it is that someone knows to the second where you are in the cosmic consciousness and swims in synchrony in it with you.

  2. He's the one on the left. He might have taken off his glasses...

  3. :) Look's promising John - on all fronts.

  4. Hello John. The blog is looking good. I like the format. I think of Israel often. I guess I can no longer think of you simply as another pretty face. Tell Susan hello for me. Things are good in California.

    I'm told the following quote is attributed to Einstein.

    "When a blind beetle crawls over the surface of the globe, he doesn't realize that the track he has covered is curved. I was lucky enough to have spotted it."


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