Saturday, January 07, 2006

Five people you'd like to meet in Heaven

Dear old Uncle Albert Einstein (Jewish but will probably make it)
King David (so he can tell me all about Bathsheba, was she really worth it?)
My real father (whoever he is)
Galileo (anybody who can talk back to the Pope gets my vote)
and, of course...Yeshua Sabaoth (who has fought for me all my life, as a good elder brother should)

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  1. On the other hand..
    Mary Magdalene (so I could find out the truth once and for all)
    Isaac Newton (was he as nasty a piece of work as portrayed?)
    Richard Feynman (atheist, but God might have mercy on him and quantum electrodynamics is a remarkably fine achievement)
    The Empress Constantine (the real power behind the throne)
    Polycarp of Smyrna (before they threw him to the lions)


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