Friday, August 06, 2010

A Walk up the Hill

Sacré Coeur has been described as 'the ugliest cathedral in the world'. According to a prominently displayed placard, JP2 was impressed, however, on his visit, and so was I. I haven't wandered, aimless as a cloud, around Montmartre for a while and, usurious prices and tourists notwithstanding, it still has a village feel about it, and one might imagine the smell of linseed from painters, scratching and starving in chic little garrets, as women in need of a shave with husky voices eye up the punters at the pavement cafes and small children whine at the number of stairs they have to climb.


  1. My list of places I must visit is rapidly increasing thanks to your hilarious little snapshots. I was speculating about whether or not I'd be so inclined if I didn't know the writer. I've decided I would still add your snapshots to my list. But since I do know you, I laughed out loud at your narrow escape during mass in the "ugliest cathedral in the world."
    Right now, the Peace here takes, oh, um... three minutes and you're missing it. lol

  2. Missing it? Of course I am. HM and I get away with "peace, dude", as if the Harleys are parked outside...


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