Sunday, August 08, 2010

Falafel with Philosophy

A twilight walk around the shared Jewish and gay district is educational with an art-nouveau synagogue and the house of alchemist Nicolas Flamel. Not forgetting the best street falafel north of the Damascus Gate. Hasidic Jews sell tracts cheek by jowl (metaphorically - the men wear ringlets or peyes in Yiddish) with well-toned cruisers oveflowing the bars – educational on a number of levels – I've never seen so many men's underwear shops; the walkabout subsequently decanting me into the Place des Vosges – one of the most beautiful squares in Paris, formerly home to Victor Hugo. Note the philosophy students in conversation.

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  1. Peyes and cruisers... what a contrast. Did you see anything you thought you had to have? Tracts or underwear? *muchsnickering*


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