Sunday, July 04, 2010

Glorious Food

I admit it. I suck at barbecuing. I know people, usually men, who don an apron with some ridiculous motif on it like a woman in bra and knickers, brandish the barbecue implements like ceremonial samurai swords and banish the women to the kitchen to make salad. People like me stand and watch, feeling wimpish.
It is educational therefore to watch a French peasant woman at work, first manhandling a 30kg hernia-sized cast iron barbecue into the right position then tearing up cardboard, woodchips and other flammable material by hand and setting fire to it. I was surprised she didn't rub two sticks together. Supremely confident that the charcoal and wood mix was going to catch, she set about dismembering poussin with industrial sized secateurs, throwing  together a marinade of fresh lemon juice and whatever was to hand in the garden, sage, fennel, oregano and lemongrass, then padded off to put together everything else, including dessert. Dinner in fifteen minutes. Or, it would be, were I wearing a watch.


  1. haha ha, no watch and you still have a sense of humour, obviously tpd is not the crutch you thought! By the way i lve the truck even though we let it sit in a new york parking spot for a week, then I used it yesterdy and ran out of gas with 82 kms on the meter! No worry my heroine rescued me, interesting synonym!! Looks like you are having a great time.

  2. It's not a truck, it's a Sports Utility Vehicle, you heathen, and no, you can't go off-road with it. Should I be worried? Have you been driving it in 4WD all the time? It is usually fine until the light starts flickering at about 62km, then you have to get gas fast. Oh, yeah. I am having a nice time, as it happens.

  3. He makes entirely too much of the 'heroine' thing. It only sounds the same. No commonality whatsoever. I'm sure of it. And "tpd" is clearly cured without too many unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. How nice. Maybe I'll work up the courage to do without. One day. Soon.


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