Friday, May 07, 2010

Help and Support

This was too good to miss.
I do love Americans. When they get it right, the world listens, and when it goes wrong, it's spectacular. A prominent Baptist minister and anti-gay campaigner in the US - he thinks homosexuality is a 'disease', with a wonderful, gauche naivete, hired a 'bag carrier' from an Internet site. His doctor advised him to take a travelling companion since he was unable to lift heavy objects. Just because he innocently went to "" it is presumed he might have indulged in fornication. Quite a leap of reasoning, I think. Let him among us who has never visited in order to find a bag handler cast the first stone, I'd say. I was going to link to the site, but thought that morally weaker readers might not be able to resist the temptation to access it and compare prices.
Everyone knows that I, too, enjoy spending time with sinners (mainly church-goers and loose women) but only of course to show them the error of their ways. Their gratitude makes it all worthwhile and the cash is incidental.

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  1. '' This sounds a bit like a sex addict telling his therapist the porn just "appears" on his computer while he's searching for recipes for barbecue sauce.
    Google is our friend? Hahahahahaha...
    Puhleez. The capacity for the human mind to produce 'get out of jail' cards is, I think, almost infinite.


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