Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We are helpfully advised here that decadent un-Islamic practices such as Valentine's Day are to be discouraged, since it corrupts the young and fosters an unhealthy preoccupation with all things Western. People here are, as it happens, only too glad of the opportunity for a bit of a bash, one way and another - the behaviour of the locals after Egypt collared the African footie title was spectacular. It would have been bedlam had alcohol fueled the euphoria.

I rather think that the locals don't want V-Day to be too high - profile, since Liberation Day is upon us very shortly when everyone gets time off, kids go more than usually berserk and most discerning expats stay well outof the way and watch the telly. So, for those for whom St V has a special place, enjoy the logo. And, for Heaven's sake chaps, forget at your peril.

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