Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow in Saudi

I rather thought I had left the cold behind. It would seem not, however, since the BBC informed me on the radio today that there was snow in Saudi, causing fatalities, an event as rare as hen's teeth. Also, snow fell in Baghdad, which will be unlikely to deter the maniacs - look out for suicide bombers wearing fingerless gloves, the better to facilitate detonation. I have discovered that my car has a heater and if I reverse the switching on my apartment's AC it blows out hot air. Rather like me, really. Yeah. I shaved it off. Months ago.

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  1. I am shocked to hear of snow in Saudi.. that aside i hope that your new year is one of new beginnings.. happy birthday of course - belated.. many apologies! As always its nice to see you - esther x


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