Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Night at the Movies

I’m unashamedly optimistic when I watch films. I’m so hoping that the ten bucks I would have paid had I seen it at the cinema could not have been spent better at the time. It was lots of fun to have friends round to watch the 89% rated “Galaxy Quest” on a Heath Robinson screen. 
Everybody was laughing – sometimes to the point of near-hysteria, but, poor old moi. I just didn’t get it. But, I didn't get "Robin Hood, Men in Tights' either. The movie seemed to need time to develop before going in front of the cameras and the anatomical and consequent digestive improbabilities of the monsters left ragged holes in my concentration. How does a fully articulated alien made from large stones actually eat? It wanted very badly to lampoon the enduring popularity of "Star Trek" - as well as the often apologetically sorry post-Trek careers of most of the series' stars - and every so often it popped a well-crafted bullseye. More or less. The screenplay seemed to offer safety and blandness over satire and left me with something that was watchable but frustrating since the unexplored potential was so obvious. If  Sigourney Weaver was in your sci-fi comedy, wouldn't you slip a couple of "Alien" gags in? If screenplay writers Howard and Gordon ever came up with any, they didn't make it to the final cut, leaving a blonde (ergh) Weaver with little to do except run around in a cleavage-revealing spacesuit. Her comedic skill such as seen in "Ghostbusters" and "Working Girl," get considerably less exposure than her chest. Nor does "Quest" get much mileage out of Tim Allen. Wake up, people. You've got the voice of Buzz Lightyear on board and you can't even rustle up a little "Toy Story" parody? Alec Baldwin was supposed to get the part - he might have brought a slightly more camp feel to the role.
Nevertheless, a lighthearted, if vacuous way to spend a Saturday night, although the group dynamic was interesting - two couples plus one. The post-movie conversation was stimulating and if the pizza was, like the movie, a little crisp around the edges, the cheesecake was delightful.


  1. So..... I will pass on making a comment here in favor of my own take on Saturday Night at the Movies. *wickedgrin*

    P.S. Next time, we should order our pizza from the old place - surely the delivery guy can find your new digs?

  2. Sigourney Weaver? A cleavage??? Are you sure?
    I understand why you got bored...

    PS :
    Avoid too much starch at night, it will make you sleepy

  3. So..... I will pass on making a comment here in favor of my own take on Saturday Night at the Movies. *wickedgrin*

    Ah. Yes. OK.. Um. Why, I wonder?

  4. Its a movie, just a movie as in a Mostly Obviously Voluptuously Idiotic Erroneous Suggestion the purpose of which is to simply amuse. Or cause you to not think! If you are trying to think you are missing the point of staring at a moving picture. Thinking is for books.

  5. HandyMan may have had too much starch.

    @HG - If the rest of the movie failed to captivate, at least one might stave off boredom thinking, "How did they do that?" I suspect there is tape, silicone, and well-designed lingerie involved in Ms. Weaver's assets. lol

  6. Lingerie. Such a frisson...for an old man. It reminds me of my youth.


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