Wednesday, April 15, 2009

International Day

Despite a late night last night, for reasons too dark, complex and unpleasant to relate, today was really rather jolly, being International Day at school. There are thirty-seven different nationalities, excluding Cornwall which insisted on its own T shirt, six more than Baskin Robbins, and everyone makes an effort to celebrate their cultural identity with singing, dancing, music and food. Parents vie with each other - there's a competitive feel to the proceedings - to help put on the most lavish culinary displays - the Americans and Egyptians almost came to blows over the 'borrowing' of six tables that were earmarked for the hamburgers and Kool-Aid fresh in from the US base - the South East Asians were appropriately dressed in multicoloured national costumes, the Lebanese girls wiggled bejewelled hips seductively on the stage and, inevitably, the Kuwaitis paid someone to do it all for them. A few flavourful images, enjoy...

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