Friday, March 13, 2009

None Like it Hot

A number of people were sceptical that Stern had got it wrong in the Stern Report. His suggestion that carbon dioxide levels could be stabilised at some predetermined level by economists and politicians looked optimistic, now, it seems absurd. Environmental doomsaying has been going on for decades but the 'system' simply seems unable to respond with vigour, coherence and sufficient determination. Perhaps this is because policymakers of draconian and neo-Fascist tendencies will be required to force a societal paradigm shift of apocalyptic proportions in order to avert disaster.
Even at this, the endgame, with the planet being pushed over the edge, just as forecast, the US government continues to squander public money supporting lame ducks like car industries. It's rather like the compulsive gambler who mortgages his house to place a bet, but loses, so, then sells all his furniture to place a bet, but loses, so then bets the shirt on his back to place a bet. Politicians and business leaders are similarly addicted to destructive behaviour based on entirely false paradigms.

We hear more about instability than irreversible change these days. Whichever is the more appealing, there are squadrons of uninformed people out there who think climate instability might be just great. Unless they have a grand piano...

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