Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm quite fortunate, I suppose. I have access to a large number of TV channels, courtesy of NileSat and HotBird, varying in mediocrity from the paralysingly boring to numbingly bad. We get David Letterman and Oprah here, which others seem to find entertaining.  Oh, joy. The former is so self-absorbed that he has probably stopped laughing at himself, the latter reports heartwrenchingly painful exposes which some find riveting but others like me find the resultant queasiness almost too much to bear and blame the retching on the macaroni cheese.
This post won't last long here. It's badly written, but I can't blame Letterman's scriptwriters for that. It's also far too self-absorbed, much like Oprah's guests. This being so, what hope is there for me. Apart from more macaroni cheese. Bleugh!

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