Monday, August 11, 2008

Narrow Window on a Storm

Winston Churchill once wrote "It’s not the government that makes war in a democracy, but the people – and the people are asleep in the free democracies today, lulled into inaction by a ‘softening up’ process of our enemy."
Is Islam the 'enemy' of the West? Italy has thousands of polygamous, frequently unhappy marriages, the state appears to turn a blind eye in the name of 'cultural sensitivity'. In Britain and Spain, where large Muslim communities also have settled, some officials favour recognizing polygamous marriage as a way to ensure the wives' access to pensions, medical care and other state benefits. One problem seems intractable. The application of human rights, and what the West perceives as 'civilised' behaviour is in some cases directly at odds with the Shariat. For example, what are Norwegian Muslims to do, since homosexuality is punishable by death by beheading under Islamic law.
If they all take four wives, they might be able to breed themselves into power, using the very democracy they wish to overthrow. It seems that the clash of cultures is irreconcilable thus. much like fighting dogs, separation or defeat is inevitable. Alternatively, tolerant and judicious planning and a complete paradigm shift in everybody's thinking might just prevent holocaust. Islam is culturally accustomed to waiting. The West is not. H'm.

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